Tyler Agte — 3D/2D Artist based in Phoenix, AZ


Collection of environments made in Unity and Unreal Engine 4

RoleArt Director, Level Designer, 3D Artist, 2D Artist, FX Artist

Popeye Village I designed using assets created by me, animations and characters created by Shannon Wyatt, and outsourced assets I cleaned up and made custom atlases for. Scene was created in Unity with baked lighting for environment and dynamic for characters. The environment was made to support multiple players at once with mini games, shops, quests, social interaction, exploration, secret locations, and platforming.

Furniture and decorations store for Hypatia VR. Players are able to browse and purchase for their home. Responsible for all aspects of the environment with some props coming from the project library. Rendered in game with UE4

Archery and chill environment for Hypatia VR. Responsible for lighting and set design. Chess and Unicorns also made be me. Rendered in game with UE4